The Phytotherapy Desk Reference is a printed book and an online database. The printed book is available via this website for residents of Australia and New Zealand. An international edition is available via Aeon Books Publishing.

Printed book

The Phytotherapy Desk Reference is a hugely popular reference text for working herbalists with over 16,000 copies sold. It has been designed as a reliable desk reference for the busy herbalist/phytotherapist. It contains short, precise descriptions of over 230 of most commonly used herbs.

The intention is to provide practitioners with a limited number of reliable therapeutic actions with some reliable indications for each herb and with the information organised in such a way as to be a valuable clinical tool.

The short monographs also provide the main active constituents, the qualities of the herbs, known drug interactions and any caution or contraindications as well as the recommended dosage for liquid extracts.

As a quick reference index, the herbs have been grouped together under their therapeutic actions and indications. These lists are of course not exhaustive and may be expanded with time. They do, however, include the actions and indications on which most authors seem to agree on. Information about the herbs has come from accepted textbooks (see bibliography) and other published material.

Phytotherapy Desk Reference 5th Edition ISBN: 978-0-646-82443-7 Soft-cover, spiral bound. 200 pages. 233 Monographs.


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